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Flexible plans to cater to your data needs

Package Features
10,000 credits
2,000 API records
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20,000 API records
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Package Validity
30 Days
90 Days
API Usage
Latest weather, soil and NDVI/EVI data via API
API records

1,000 records for weather

500 records for soil

500 records for NDVI/EVI


10,000 records for weather

5,000 records for soil

5,000 records for NDVI/EVI

Polygon Creation
Minimum area of polygons
1 hectare
1 hectare
Maximum area of polygons
100 hectares
100 hectares
Maximum number of polygons
Aprox. Total area Hectares
200 hectares
2000 hectares
Role based access support
Validity of polygon & images
30 Days
90 Days
Image storage extension
Refresh option on paid basis
Additional Storage charges
Per hectare basis
Maximum number of sub user invites


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Why choose paid plans for your SmartFarming
Data account

Extended Validity
Paid packages provide additional credit incentives and extends the validity of credits in your account.
Get Bonuses
Avail extra bonuses for your paid plan and make the most of the credits.
Customer Support
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Gain A New Perspective: When we looked at the farmland in Rajasthan up from space.

The most significant problems in inefficient agricultural practices arise from the lack of in-depth understanding of the farmland. With environmental intelligence and farm analytics, we make agriculture transparent with evidence showing our users where and what is going wrong in their farmland. May it be soil moisture imbalance or extreme variations in temperature, everyone from an independent farmer to an agri-business enterprise can understand the status of the farm and make data-backed remediation decisions.

Here you can see an example pricing of farm intelligence for a piece of land in Rajasthan for an independant farmer:

 Rajasthan, India   
 220.774 ha   
Land Area
 11,000 Credits   
Total Credits

What this order entails?

Soil temperature
Soil moisture
Weather forecast
Satellite imagery
(refreshed 5 times every month for 3 months)

The total credits of 11000, include data charges for all the parameters, storage of satellite imagery with the latest image updated 5 times/month, and all the services that SmartFarming Data provides you for the next three months.