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What is SmartFarming Data?
SmartFarming Data is a suite of agri-weather, satellite imagery data, and visualization tools to help farmers, agri-business owners and researchers to better understand their farms’ health.
How can users request data from the dashboard?
The users can draw a polygon over the boundary of their farm and avail any data they require for the polygon created.
What data can I get from the SmartFarming Data dashboard?
Users can request for the following data from SmartFarming Data Dashboard:
  1. Soil Mosture
  2. Soil Temperature
  4. Satellite Imagery in TRUE & FALSE color
  5. Forecast and Historical Data
What is the validity of data I request in a SmartFarming data account?
Once the order is available for download in the SmartFarming Data storage, the validity of it will be three months from the date of availability.
How do I recharge my credits in a SmartFarming data account?
Users can recharge their account before the validity of the plan expires. Users can also recharge while the validity of the account exists, but has run-out of credits.
What are some pricing plans for SmartFarming data accounts?
Pricing plans are flexible and simplified to cater to users’ data needs. We offer a free plan and a paid plan which covers most of the facilities needed to avail data. Some of the key features of our plans are:

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