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Bringing EOS, IoT, and Data Science to Farmers

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Environmental intelligence to increase agricultural productivity

SmartFarming Data is a suite of agro-weather, satellite imagery, and farm analytics that help farmers monitor, measure,and mitigate any deficiencies and support higher crop yields.

Remote sensing
IoT in one platform
Real-time data Dashboard
High accuracy and granularity
Proprietary AI technology
Farm Visualization


Smart, integrated datasets to track, monitor, and manage farms

SmartFarming Data integrates remote sensing and satellite data with ML models to optimize the yields, reduce production costs, and provide a detailed report of soil productivity.

Satellite Imagery
Satellite images in TRUE color, high resolution, and downloadable formats
Hyper-local Weather
Historical and forecast weather data to assess crop health
Real-time Soil
Soil data to monitor soil fertility, control moisture, and temperature level
NDVI data
Assess vegetation health and behavior with NDVI and EVI data
Developer document
Easy-to-use developer-friendly guidelines for on-the-fly processing


To Solve Climate Change Effects On Agriculture With Data

Farmers are at the forefront of witnessing climate change and its effects. SmartFarming Data was built to help these farmers mitigate the risks of climate change on agriculture, manage reduced soil productivity, and realize optimal yield rates in their farms all with the power of data.


A platform built for stakeholders in the battle against climate change

As the world grows increasingly interconnected, SmartFarming Data taps into this network to provide data and solutions for farm management and climate change, enabling everyone interested to make those critical choices with complete understanding and confidence.

Farmers looking for practical solutions to mitigate, manage, and monitor soil health for better crop yield.
Agri-companies making business-critical decisions based on historical and forecast yield quality.
Supports tech-enthusiasts & academicians develop innovative solutions that solve or simplify agricultural concerns.


SmartFarming Data’s unique technology helps farmers understand their farms better
Seamlessly collect, extract, process, and normalize data with proprietary ML models built from scratch on the SmartFarming Data platform.
Farm analytics on SmartFarmind Data servers provide fully interoperable data that collate different sources and datasets.
Data Refineries
Automated algorithms that constantly check data from various sources to accurately represent and weed out any errors at the source level.


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